Welcome to the Brentwood Handball Club!

Handball is one of the most exciting indoor team games, bringing together physical strength, competitiveness, and speed.

Please note:
Our training sessions are temporarily suspended but we hope we can resume training as soon as possible.

We are looking for new players to join our Club. If you have played handball before, or believe you have what it takes to play handball, get in touch with us. Both male and female players over 16 years of age are welcome.

Interested? We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Latest match reports

Brentwood HC 45 - 39 Peterborough HC
On Saturday 12th April, BHC hosted Peterborough for what was to become an exciting and fast-paced match with plenty of goals. The last time the two teams met in December the match ended with a draw but this time BHC was victorious. Read more...

Cranfield HC 35 - 25 Brentwood HC
On Saturday 5th April, BHC travelled to Cranfield. The last time the two teams met in October, Cranfield won by a slim margin after a fantastic come-back by BHC. Read more...

Norwich HC 6 - 56 Brentwood HC
On Saturday, 15th March, BHC made their long journey to King's Lynn to play Norwich HC. Unfortunately, four Norwich players let their team down and did not show up to play. This left Norwich with a very reduced squad, but both teams decided to go ahead with the match regardless. Read more...

If handball is new to you, visit our ‘introduction into handball’ section where you can read more about the sport and watch some YouTube video clips. If you are interested in joining your local Handball Club, please get in touch.

If you are representing another handball club,
get in touch to arrange some competitive games. We would love to beat you!

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