Brentwood HC 36 - 32 Norwich HC match report

On Sunday 10th November, BHC played another home match - this time against Norwich HC.

Norwich opened the score after a missed chance by BHC but Khalid soon equalised for Brentwood, followed by a goal from Ian making it 2-1. The lead, however, did not last as the opponents quickly drew level and then regained the lead. Félix, who made his debut on the day as a BHC player, scored his first goal for Brentwood bringing the result to 5-6; immediately afterwards a fast break resulting in a nice goal from Chris Baker drew the score level once again. From then on though, Norwich led all the time but only by one or two goals. However, towards the end of the first half the opponents extended their lead and BHC finished the first half trailing by 5 goals (12:17).

During the half-time break Coach Hans-Jörg instructed his players on a different defence system, especially aiming to neutralise the most creative player of Norwich HC.

The second half started with yet another goal from Norwich, extending their lead to 6 goals. Soon though, the new strategy together with Brentwood's strong fighting spirit, saw BHC coming back into the game through good play and some very nice goals. Midway through the second half Brentwood had regained the lead of the match and kept it until the end. The opponents saw one of their players losing his cool and being sent off the court with a red card. Due to this, the match was interrupted for a few minutes but after the restart Chris Baker went on extending BHC's lead. With goals also from Khalid, Félix, Rob Grant, Ian and Philippe, paired with good offensive play, Brentwood went on to win the match. Khalid also converted two penalties and was BHC's top scorer on the day, followed by Chris Baker and Félix. The final score was 36:32.

After the match players, coach and fans were happy and very encouraged by another fantastic come-back, this time victorious. Coach Hans-Jörg said: "Once again, I am very pleased with all my players and with their determination, the team effort and fighting spirit they displayed on the court. Well done to all."

BHC's first away match is on Sunday, 17th November, in Cambridge.

The team on the day was:
Connor Bennet in goal, Chris Baker (7), Etienne Szomonyak, Félix Branchu (6), Ian Weir (5), Khalid Amrane (12), Philippe Kouessan-Ettori (2), Phil Duffield, and Rob Grant (4).