Brentwood HC 17 - 19 Cranfield HC

On Sunday 20th October, the BHC men's team made their way to the Sporthouse to host Cranfield University in their second match of the season.

After two victories in a row, BHC were confident in their abilities, yet well aware that Cranfield, being traditionally a very strong opponent, could pose some difficulties.

Indeed, Cranfield started well, taking advantage of two missed chances by BHC to open the score on the day, and were soon leading by 2 goals to 0. Remy, who made his debut on the day as a BHC player in the Development League, came off the bench and immediately opened the Brentwood score. However, due to lack of concentration and Cranfield's quick thinking, the opponent kept extending their lead and, despite 3 goals from Philippe and 1 goal from Chris Baker, BHC finished the first half trailing by 8 goals (5:13).

During the half-time break the Team regrouped, kept calm and kept the determination to fight until the end - and BHC went into the second half full of team spirit and the desire to do well.

Remy opened the score for the team but, ten minutes into the second half, Brentwood were still behind by 11 goals (7:18). However, BHC's belief and persistence finally paid off when the tide started turning with 3 goals from Khalid and 2 from Dimitri without reply from Cranfield. Faced with an offensive and efficient Brentwood team as well as great saves from Connor, Cranfield did not score for more than 15 minutes.The visitors then started losing their cool and saw several of their players being given many two-minute suspensions by the referees.

At this point the Brentwood fans were on their feet cheering with excitement, as Team and fans were now firmly believing that the victory was still possible.

In fact, the last ten minutes of the match were a fine display of handball and team spirit by Brentwood, and their good play and efforts from all players were rewarded with goals scored by Philippe, Remy and Khalid. But at the end BHC ran out of time to close the advantage that they so carelessly allowed the visitors to gain in the first half. The final score was 17:19.

After the match, and despite the disappointment of running out of time, players, coach and fans were quite happy with the team's efforts during the second half and were very encouraged by their performance late in the match and the great fight against a strong opponent.

Coach Hans-Jörg said: "Today Brentwood proved to have the special hunger that is needed to be successful. Naturally, there is still plenty of room for improvement but it's only the beginning of the season. Although I am disappointed for losing the match, I am very happy with our spectacular come-back and I'm really pleased with all my players."

BHC are now looking forward to their next home match on Sunday, 10th November which again will take place in the SportHouse. The visitors will be Norwich HC and the throw-off time is 12.30.

The team on the day was:
Connor Bennet in goal, Chris Baker (1), Dimitri Amard (2), Etienne Szomonyak, Ian Weir, Khalid Amrane (4), Philippe Kouessan-Ettori (5), Remy Turc (5) Rob Broad and Rob Grant.