Cranfield HC 35 - 25 Brentwood HC

On Saturday 5th April, BHC travelled to Cranfield. The last time the two teams met in October, Cranfield won by a slim margin after a fantastic come-back by BHC.

BHC started well, leading by 2-0 with goals by Fernando and Branislav. The opponents, however, soon equalised, and went on to score a third goal taking advantage of several rushed attacks of BHC which resulted in wasted chances. Fernando equalised again at 4-4 towards the middle of the first half, but soon Cranfield took the lead again and were allowed to widen the gap before the break despite some great saves by Connor. The half-time score was 14-8.

The second half started with yet another goal from Cranfield, but Branislav soon scored one of his eight goals of the match and went on to convert a penalty putting the score 16-10. Ten minutes into the second half however, BHC were trailing by 22-14. Despite their determination, Brentwood were letting too many goals in, which made a come-back increasingly unlikely despite some nice goals from Khalid, Rob G., Remy, Ian, Fernando and Branislav. Disappointed with his players' performance in the defence, coach Hans-Jörg called a time-out to talk things over but could not make many tactical changes as he had very few options. The lack of concentration in the defence allowed Cranfield to keep extending their lead until the end. Khalid scored the last goal of the match, setting the final score at 35-25.

After the match coach Hans-Jörg said: "We are all very disappointed for having lost today. We started well, but somehow things went wrong, particularly in the defence. I'm also disappointed that we didn't have more substitutes today; this prevented other tactical options and the opportunity for players to have a rest in what was a fast-paced match. But now we have to look ahead and we are determined to do well in our home match against Peterborough next Saturday."

The team on the day was:
Connor Bennet in goal, Branislav Slivka (8), Etienne Szomonyak, Fernando Candeias (6), Ian Weir (1), Khalid Amrane (6), Remy Turc (2) and Rob Grant (2).